Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A very easy one!

One of the most recognisable places in Scotland.........?


Andrew Scott said...

So bloody easy I am not even going to dignify it with a reply.

Big Dr Grump the Grumpy One

(But it's Tobleronay Harbour in Switzerland, isn't it. Or something like that, and according to you, the diver lady, the legend of the Spanish Galleon sunk in the Bay is a myth - if I remember correctly?).

CalumCarr said...

RUTH!!!! I had to shout.

OK we didn't get Goat Fell - first time - or even second time for me - but this is ridiculous.

Andrew is right!

Andrew Scott said...

Calum said "Andrew is right!"

I think I may need to put that up as a testimonial banner on my blog header.

Thanks Calum, for finally recognising the universal truth of my infallibility (though it took you a while)

Ruth said...

Ok, ok, but it's a pretty picture.
I thought since Andrew was so grumpy today he would appreciate something that didn't tax his overstretched brain to much!

If that was too easy.....you've asked for it.......

Claudia said...

I don't have a clue. But the colours are nice!

I've never seen Andrew grumpy! Always somber and a prophet of doom, yes! But not grumpy....Of course, I'm far away. And the connection might be fuzzy!

CalumCarr said...

Sorry, Ruth. If it's going to stop Mr Grumpy them I'm all for it. :)

Andrew, If you're reduced to using a quote from me as a testimonial you're in a much worse state than I thought

Ruth said...

It is a village on the island of Mull called Tobermory, Claudia. Famous (though only in the UK apparently) for its multicoloured houses). It even has a childrens TV series based on it.
And Calum....I think you should give him his proper title or he will get even worse - it's Dr Grump ;-)

Andrew Scott said...

Grumpy when sorely harassed by the multitude of unreasonable demands from colleagues (while in agony with a sore back while soldiering on for the benefit of the students). But I think it is all sweetness and light between me and Ruth again now, as usual? See you next Monday Ruth, it will be good for you to have something to look forward to over the long and tedious weekend.

Ruth said...

I thought there was a strange smell in the lab this morning, and I've just worked out what it was......burning martyr!
Absolutely sweetness and light as usual Andrew - I am used to toys being hurled my way - "water off a ducks back" as they say :-)

And BTW....while you enjoy your relaxing weekend, I will be working 11 hour days at my second job!

Andrew Scott said...

2nd Job for Dr Sweetness and Light?... Ah yes, that would be your role as the Guru (or is it Guress?) atop the Qualifications Agency Mountaintop.