Monday, 31 May 2010

Planning an expedition

With a massively busy week ahead for the whole family, I am looking forward to Friday already!
I have four days at work which will involve trying to drag students through assessments and practicals that, in many cases, should have been completed months ago. No.1 pride and joy has his last 2 exams, No.2 pride and joy has another football final on Tuesday and the BF is in Geneva until Thursday night.

SO all the more reason to look forward to our planned expedition next weekend.
First thing on Friday morning we will set off for the 5 hour drive to Oldshoremore (about as far North and West as you can drive and not fall off the edge of Scotland), followed by 5-6 miles walking carrying tent, sleeping bags, cooking kit and all other essentials to reach Sandwood Bay - completely inaccessible any other way.

But it's worth will come later ;-)

But in order to enjoy this trip, it must be precision planned....

and it's at times like these I appreciate BF's OCD.....

P.S. Oh dear, my brain really is mince. I have just been informed (by text) that it's actually Paris this week, Geneva next week :-/


Anonymous said...

Ah... Good idea. I may head over to Sandwood Bay this weekend with the old boys' motorbike gang for a boozy night camping with the music blasting out under the starry skies, dancing round the fire and singing many a raucous song... (The first rule of good planning Ruth, is secrecy)

Ruth said...

Shame it's not accessible to motorbikes Andrew. I doubt if your old boys would appreciate the 6 mile hike carrying all their gear. Sounds like Loch Lomond would be a better venue :-D