Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Trying to get it right!

I have been struggling to get the layout of my blog right, so with a few tips from the much more experienced Dr Scott, I thought I'd post a few photos from my substantial back catalogue to test out a new approach.
Taken in June last year on a solo trip up my favourite hill (mountain?), Ben Vrackie.

Nope, it still hasn't worked :(
I'll just have to keep experimenting.


Andrew Scott said...

Either "Dr. Scott" is a rubbish teacher or you are a poor student. What's the problem? You have at least eliminated the unwanted spaces that were in the Ben Vorlich post and have centred everything, which is a start. But you have the pictures different sizes. I suggest "large" for all (as I said earlier, but you maybe were too busy chatting or listening to your ipod). It is very easy to put text in between pictures, if that is what you were trying to do; but if you can't figure it out from my already detailed instructions you will need to see me in class for a tutorial (and try not to be late). Nice pictures though.

Ruth said...

I know it looks a bit better, but I still had the problem of every new photo I added being inserted right at the begining and then I had to try to move them around.
The photo size thing was my mistake - I can sort that easily enough - but when I tried to put text between the photos I got the extra spaces again :(

Andrew Scott said...

Weird. I do get that from time to time but have always got round it by protecting the text with extra spaces then deleting them once everything is in place, or by just dragging pics to where I want them. Could look at it on Monday if you wish (provided you can afford the private tuition fees).

Claudia said...

Beautiful sceneries. But I can't put them full screen. Maybe just a glitch?

Ruth said...

Now that is strange Claudia. Because when I first posted this I could get them to go full screen when I clicked on them, but now I can't. I am baffled :-S
I'm not very good at this lark yet!

Claudia said...

Keep going. It will come! Thanks for your efforts.

CalumCarr said...


I'm assuming that you are using Blogger to write your posts.

I find Microsoft Livewriter so much easier.

Download and install Livewriter, tell it your blog address and password and it downloads from your blog the layout, fonts, colors etc.

You can write your post off-line and publish it direct from Livewriter.

My description might sound very long-winded and not any easier than Blogger but I found Livewriter brilliant from the word go.

Ruth said...

Thank you Calum. I will try that.