Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Definitely the most difficult yet.

Quite well know, but probably not often seen from this angle?
I could give you a clue if you're stuck?

Since you got it so it is from a different perspective:


Anonymous said...

Soooooooooooo Easy. I think. I loved my visit to Ardnamurchan lighthouse. My daughter hated it.

I think I am right, although one lighthouse looks pretty much like another, I suppose

Ruth said...

You've impressed me at last Andrew!
The most westerly point on the UK mainland. I love that old foghorn.
The walk round from Sanna beach followed by tea and strawberry shortcake in the wee cafe next to the lighthouse is fabulous..mmmmmm.

CalumCarr said...

Andrew, you might have give the rest of us a chance.

Been there just once about 25 years ago. Stayed in a B&B in Kilchoan. Spent ages getting sunburnt and bird-watching.

Ruth said...

I love Kilchoan. Spent a wonderful relaxed week there last July :-)

Anonymous said...

Ardumurchan is awesome, with awesome geology too with that huge meteor impact crater circle still clearly visible covering the whole West of the peninsula. However, despite its wonders, my totally unimpressed young teenage daughter, having clearly inherited her father's sarcasm, asked as we walked on Sanna Beach: "What's the postcode for this place? Is it SH1T H01E." Lovely girl. We took the ferry across to Tobermory the next day, where the little shops and cafes were much more to her liking, and the memory has stuck. Two years ago, as I rose up the London Eye with her, she announced "It sure as hell beats Ardnamurchan Lighthouse". So I have reasons to remember it. And out of me, wife, son and daughter I was the only one to brave the vertigo walk outside around the top. Next time try a little harder Ruth.

Ruth said...

Not wild about Tobermory myself except for its 2 redeeming features - a wonderful seafood restaurant called Cafe Fish (they even have their own fishing boat) and the Mishnish pub :-)

Anonymous said...

That, and the excellent view, sounds like sufficient for a good evening or two Ruth! We went there many years earlier when my brother, who is a keen sailor, took us on a trip right round Mull on a yacht. I wonder if that was the pub he nearly got thrown out of for snogging his girlfriend (now wife)in the bar. "We don't want any of that stuff in here," cried the big Tobermory barman. We thought he was joking, but soon realised he meant it.

Anonymous said...

Why did I say meteorite crater when I meant volcanic caldera? Cos I'm stupid, perhaps. But it is blooming impressive in the satellite images such as here:

Claudia said...

Enjoying the photo and comments.

Took my name of "Followers" simply because I asked Blogger to put "Claudia" and not my full family name. I'm a bit clumsy with cyber rules and participation. When my son comes he will teach me what to do.

All the best! Still following.