Monday, 14 June 2010

In my garden

I am a rubbish gardener. My dodgy back makes it impossible to dig or weed for more than a couple of minutes at a time, and as a consequence, my garden is not what you would call 'well kept'.
However, I love my little garden.
I have a couple of favourite areas....

This is the 'wild area', the birds love the bird bath and there are lupins, foxgloves, iceland poppies (yes I know they are weeds to some people) and a crab apple tree.

This is my little herb garden with bronze fennel, marjoram, two different kinds of thyme, sage, lemon balm, chives, some rocket just planted and a honeysuckle coming over the bird table at the back.

And these Aquilegia (or Columbine) are my favourite flowers in the garden - I have beautiful dark blue ones as well.

But my favourite thing in the garden is this........
....a fantastic little victoria plum tree which crops reliably well year after year.
And by the look of those branches there could be some more plum chutney this year :-)))))


CalumCarr said...

In my gardens are grass, weeds, weeds, weeds and slugs.

Word verification: stalin

Ruth said...

There are loads of weeds and slugs in my garden too......but I prefer to focus on the positive :)

Andrew Scott said...

Weeds (aka wild flowers and wild grasses) and slugs are all part of a healthy biodiversity.