Saturday, 19 June 2010

Happy Birthday!

Thirteen years ago today I gave birth to my second son.
It was a 26hr labour (half the time of my first labour) and when he eventually made an appearance his heart had stopped and he was making no breathing effort.
It took 6 minutes to start his heart and 11 minutes before he took a breath. As he was rushed out of the delivery room to the special care baby unit, we were told to expect the worst.
I was in shock and vomiting constantly due to my reaction to the pain relief I had been given. The best prognosis I was given was that there was about a 50% chance of brain damage and he would be hospitalised for at least 4 weeks.
But he was determined to prove everyone wrong (and has been ever since). He fed from me straight away despite the dextrose drip providing all the nutrition he required - the nurses were astonished. After 2 days he was breastfeeding normally, and after 5 days they removed his drip and monitors and brought him through to my room. The consultant who had delivered him said she had never seen a recovery like that from such a traumatic birth!
We were told to return to hospital to have his development checked every month, then every 3 months for the first 3 years. The consultant discharged him at 18 months saying he was well above average development for his age.
He surprised me from the moment he was born and continues to do so constantly - my pride and joy!!!

Euan  - meaning Young Warrior


CalumCarr said...

A growing up quickly "young warrior"!

Happy birthday, Euan.

Andrew Scott said...

Hope he has a nice day.

Claudia said...

A great day to you, Euan! And to the family. And forever after.

CherryPie said...

Such an uplifting post.

Happy Birthday Euan :-)