Thursday, 14 October 2010

I wonder.......

The kids are off to their dad's for the weekend, and the weather forecast looks good for Saturday.
Where should we go?
Up another hill?
A coastal walk for a change?


CalumCarr said...

Lie in bed!

Ruth said...

That's shocking! How could you suggest such a thing?
I have learnt over the years that exercise is essential for my physical and (particularly) mental well being.
There is nothing better than that feeling of pleasant tiredness you get after a really strenuous walk or run.....besides I have to earn my glass of wine or two ;-)

CalumCarr said...

Ruth you said to me, "How could you suggest such a thing?"

It's a skill I've always had: understanding what people really want.

You know you'd really love to lie in bed.

Ruth said...

I wake very early in the morning, usually about 5am. I can doze til about 6.30 - 7am, and at the risk of giving too much away....I get bored very easily if there's nothing to do. So a lie in for me is about 8.30am......any later than that just doesn't work.
So I'll be off up a hill then ;-)

CherryPie said...

Enjoy :-)

Claude said...

I don't think that Calum meant: No exercise!;-)

Hope you're enjoying up the hill.

Ruth said...

Claude! What could you possibly mean? ;-)

Ruth said...

I managed to take Calum's advice, and go up a hill ;-)

....see next post (only about the hill!)