Friday, 1 October 2010

The circle of life.

Apologies to Sir Elton, but I had to steal his lyrics for the title.
The reason is, that on Wednesday afternoon I went to Dundee University open day with No.1 P&J, almost exactly 31 years since I started my degree there!

He is interested in a completely different subjects to the ones I studied, but as it is such a compact University, we passed many of the places I used to frequent in my youth.
Much has changed, however. The halls of residence I stayed in when I was in first year are now offices, there are swish new buildings with state of the art facilities, and the lecturing staff seem so much more human (or is it just that I am 31 years older?).

He fancies a joint honours degree in History and American Studies, and I must say it sounded great, including the option of a semester in the US in the 3rd year.
I wonder if they take (very) mature students...............................


Andrew Scott said...

It is an odd feeling. I had the same when my lad went to Edinburgh. Not a very comfortable feeling, I found. Mostly I just remembered what a callow fool I was, and how I missed so many opportunities. Now I'm just an old fool, though with fewer opportunities to let slip by. Has Dundee got a good rugby team? Your lad will need that if I have judged him accurately.

Ruth said...

It was an odd feeling, but mostly I just felt excited for him. It's the start of a new phase in his life, and one I hope I've done a decent job of preparing him for.
His first choice is still Edinburgh (better rugby team - a major priority as you mentioned), but he liked Dundee too.
His enthusiasm was so infectious I found myself being caught up in it. It was a rather nice feeling actually.

CherryPie said...

I often had reason to go back to my old school and it was always a weird feeling. Sort of familiar and strange at the same time.

jams o donnell said...

It;s 29 years since I started my BSc course at Southampton. Haven't been back for over 20 years.

What amazes me though is how much the University of Southampton has expanded. The number of students has more than trebled. How time flies!