Sunday, 22 August 2010

Another Birthday

No.1 pride and joy was 16 yesterday.
I have no idea where the last 16 years have gone.
His arrival was less traumatic than that of his little brother, but was by no means easy.
After 42 hours of labour he was eventually delivered by Kiellands forceps. I'll spare you the gorey details, but it meant a long recovery time for me, although thankfully he was fighting fit from the start.
Just after he started school, he was diagnosed with dyspraxia. This affects his coordination, particularly fine motor skills, and planning skills.
Primary school was hard going due to the inability or unwillingness, of some teachers to make any allowance whatsoever for this. After careful consideration, we decided to send him to a small private school for his secondary years. This has proved to be the best decision ever. He has thrived in the calm atmosphere and small class sizes, and this month he got the results of his first major exams (Intermediate 2's and Standard Grades - about equivalent to GCSEs I believe). 5As, 2Bs and a credit level for the Standard Grade!
At his 5th form interview last week, his head of year informed us that 3 of these As were band 1, which means above 80%. I am immensely proud of him.
But the love of his life is rugby.
Turning 16 on Saturday meant he moved up an age group, from under 16s to under 18s. Quite a daunting move.
Saturday was also the first preseason friendly match. He was delighted to be picked for the starting line up and played 2/3rds of the game which they won 22-15. An ideal birthday for him!

Here he is with his brother, entertaining his little cousin during the summer holidays -

......and doing what he loves most .........


CherryPie said...

No wonder you are proud of him, he sounds a remarkable young man :-)

jams o donnell said...

A belated happy birthday to number 1 pride and joy!

Claude said...

Great movement photos. I could never do that...It would come a blurr! Hope you had a great family Birthday time. Best Wishes!

Ruth said...

Thank you. We all enjoyed his birthday.
I must confess the middle picture wasn't taken by me (it was one of the other parents who actually runs a camera shop!), but I did take the bottom one :-)

Ruth said...

BTW it's nice to hear from you again Claude, I'd been missing you :-)