Wednesday, 21 July 2010

When the music stops,,,,,,,

A  little while ago, I decided it would be a good idea to make some changes to which rooms were used for what purpose in my house. No, I haven't decided to shower in the living room or make one of the kids sleep in the bath - that would be silly.
The plan was (and still is) to move No.1 pride and joy into the downstairs, medium sized bedroom, which is currently used as a study/computer room, then move No. 2 into the large bedroom upstairs that No1 currently occupies, and use the tiny bedroom that No.2 vacates as the study - do you follow?
(I'm not moving as I love my room and it has some essential extras!!)

So, in order to put this plan in motion, all the rooms involved had to be thoroughly tidied and cleaned ....aaaaarrrrggghhhh.
Phase 1 was completed before my trip to Skye. With the help of the kids, both of their rooms were gutted and a total of 7 black bags of "stuff" redistributed to tip or charity shop. In retrospect maybe a flame thrower would have been more efficient!
Anyway.......Phase 2 starts today. This morning I must tackle the study. It feels like saying "this morning I will start my ascent of K2".
I hope I survive.......................


Claude said...

I remember those days...It seems that "stuff" multiplies in a matter of seconds, with two boys. And moving them from one room to another is like climbing Mount Everest and falling down in a bottomless pit. Mine have been gone for years now. And I still have some of their collections (rocks/dead bugs/stamps/trumpets etc) which they insist on keeping... here, not at their own place. Ah well! they were fun to be with. The work is worth it, Ruth. Bon courage!

CherryPie said...

I always struggle with a clear out and get sidetracked looking at all the things I am supposed to be weeding out. But everything always looks so much nicer after it is finished :-)

Ruth said...

Rocks and stamps I can understand, Claude. Trumpets would be great, but dead bugs????

CP, I'm afraid I've done exactly that. Very little progress made due to coming across a large box of old photos!!!

Claude said...

Hahaha! Yes! Dead bugs glued in scrapbooks!!!!! They were collected on Baffin Island. I was then collecting beautiful flowers and drying them to show to my friends, in the South, that the Arctic wasn't a barren land. And my sons (then 6 and 7) decided to prove to their friends, that insects could breed on the tundra.

The trumpets are each modest step of my younger son towards the very expensive one he used at 20, when he became the 2nd trumpet player of The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. It's a great collection. I should add an abacus to it, because at 30, he became an accountant.

I've seen, with your photos, that you already have a very interesting life sharing your sons'activities. I can assure you that you're only at the beginning. It gets more and more exciting as the years rush by. Much too fast, alas!

CalumCarr said...

Ruth, when you've finished you can come to Edinburgh and give the benefit of your new-found expertise.

Can give coffee and biscuits.

Well done. I need a lot more strength to undertake.

Ruth said...

Claude - what a talented family you have. My Dad was the only one of us with musical talent. I believe there is an old French horn in the attic (maybe I'll tackle that next - the attic, not the french horn!)
Calum - By the time I've finished here it will be time to return to my paid employment - I fully expect this process to take the rest of the summer hols :(

Ruth said...

Oh bugger!!! I've just remembered I have to go to work tomorrow as I have 13 interviews scheduled, taking up the whole day. The chaos will have to wait till Friday :-S

Sean Jeating said...

... Who am I to disturb? Just go on, Ruth. :)
The peace of the night.

Claude said...

Ruth - When my adult sons (by chance) read what I write about them, often they tell me to delete it. I had to do it, a couple of times, on Sean's blog, when I got carried away. That's why it would be hard for me to have a blog. Hope you don't have the problem when your sons get older. All the best!