Monday, 26 July 2010

Letting go.........

Tomorrow morning No.2 pride and joy goes to Italy with his football team to play in the Valtellina Cup.
He is so excited, and so am I .......but I'm worried too.
I really want him to go and have the experience, I know that playing football in Italy against teams from all over the world is a thrilling idea to him, I know there are 17 adults going to supervise the 15 kids, I know he is confident, independant and capable and that he has no worries at all about going without me....but I still worry.
He's only 13 years old. I'm always there to look after him (or his dad is).
But not this time.

But then that's our job as a parent isn't it? prepare them to leap into the big wide (and sometimes dangerous) world without us. And to gradually let go when they're ready.
If he didn't want to go I would be even more worried.

Here they are with their new strips for the tournament sponsored by a local Italian Restaurant.
Mine is the tall one with the curly hair at the back!

Ready to go!


Sean Jeating said...

Despite it is/seems sometimes difficult to let go: Yours is the right attitude, Ruth.
What an adventure! What an excitement! What experiences (to be made)!
Bon voyage to No.2. :)

Claude said...

I understand you, Ruth. There was a part of me which found it hard to let my boys leave home and go to Kindergarten! And still today, when I hear of their adult adventures, I resist telling them to make sure they have band-aids in their luggages!

But we're so proud of what they achieve on their own.

No 2 is a fine young man. And he is with a great team. All the best to all.

CherryPie said...

I am sure he will have a fabulous time and when he gets back he will have loads to tell you :-)

jams o donnell said...

I hope he has the time of his life Ruth!