Friday, 15 July 2011

Driesh and Mayar

Driesh and Mayar are two munros (mountains over 3000ft) standing close together at the head of Glen Doll.
They are usually climbed together by heading up the Kilbo path that runs between the two then heading off to either side to take in the two hills. On our day out yesterday, we approached from a different angle by heading up the very steep Corrie Fee (a much harder but more interesting approach) then returning by the Kilbo path.

Heading towards Corrie Fee

Looking back towards Mayar from the summit of Dreish,

Lochnagar from Dreish

Looking towards Dreish from the head of the Kilbo path on our way back down.


jams o donnell said...

Beautiful. I see Dreish and not a sign of Dreich!

Ruth said...

It was indeed a glorious day, and not at all dreich :)

Claude said...

Great sceneries. Must be hard to climb.:)

Ruth said...

The hard bits are really quite short, and on these hills there are decent paths which makes a difference. Well worth it for the views at the top!

CherryPie said...

Lovely scenery :-)

Anonymous said...

I do hope that head had some Factor 50 slapped on it (More health & safety guidance from one who knows). And are those two cheeky bare ankles that I see? Ohhhh... Adders? Mr Dangerous :)

Ruth said...

Yes factor 50 and a hat most of the time!
It was a day for shorts (me too!), but adders not a problem, a much bigger concern is ticks which seem to be particularly bad this year.