Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A lazy New Years day

Our wee break on the beautiful west coast continued with a very lazy New Years day to make up for Hogmanay's exertions.
If this was someone else's blog there would be a picture of the fried egg roll (for me) and full Scottish breakfast (for BF) that the Cottage Cafe served up immaculately for us - imagine, a fine wee cafe open on 1st January in a Scottish village! But I didn't think of that at the time, so instead here's a couple of photos of our exploration of the Crinan canal later in the day........
And this was my first attempt at using the "gorillapod" that Santa brought me -

Yes, I need some more practice!
Just before heading back to the cottage we encountered these chaps (and chap-ess) who seemed very well equipped for both the terrain and the weather :-)


CherryPie said...

Lovely photos :-) I didn't miss the breakfast pics, I am on diet (supposedly) ;-)

Gorilla-pods are great but they are a bit fiddly to get perfectly vertical pics. I am still working with mine ;-)

CalumCarr said...

My gorillapod is always drunk!

Crinan - close to my summer holiday spot.

Ruth said...

Aaaahhh! That explains it Calum. It was new years day after all. I suspect it hadn't recovered from hogmanay ;-)

Mister Mystified said...

I don't know what a gorillapod is but your gorilla seems happy with it.